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Symphony of Words Publishing is a platform that uses music as a source of inspiration for writing poetry, children's books, and fiction. The rhythm, melody, and emotions in music help writers tap into their creativity and imagination, resulting in unique and captivating stories that resonate with readers of all ages.

Get to Know Us

We founded Symphony of Words Publishing to share our works with the world. As a self-publisher, We love using music to express our creativity and imagination.


Our Creative Process is music. We listen to different genres to set the tone, rhythm, and mood of our stories, poems, and books. The music needs to tell a story through the soul to the pencil. Thank you for joining us on this musical journey through literature!

Poetry books can help you express your emotions and creativity. They can be a great source of inspiration and comfort. Check out Symphony of Words publishing for a selection of poetry books to add to your bookshelf.(COMING SOON).


Spanning the Literary Spectrum

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Erica Miller, Owner/Author

Meet Erica Miller, a talented self-published author of children's books, poetry, and fiction. She brings stories to life with her pencil.She loves using music to express her creativity and imagination

Erica Miller is a self-published author of poetry, fiction, and children's books. Her poetry books are filled with emotion and stunning imagery. Erica Miller has found solace in music throughout her life. Her passion for writing and poetry has led her to explore the ways in which music can be used as a form of escape and creative expression.


For author Erica Miller, writing and music are intertwined. Music inspires her writing and helps her tap into her emotions for poetry. Music has always been her inspiration. It has played an important role in her life as a self-publisher of children's books, poetry, and fiction. When she's not writing, you can find her playing her flute, baking and finding new ways to express herself through music and words.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about Erica Miller and her passion for music, words, and storytelling.

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Erica Miller

"Don't be discouraged let that motivate"


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PO Box 1282 West Babylon, NY 11704

631 572-8144

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